Places to visit

Laguepie (7 Km from St. Dalmaze)

The lively, market town of Laguepie is our nearest town with amenities. It has 2 small supermarkets, a bakery (to get those ever needed croissants), a chemist, post office, cash machine, a few bars and restaurants and an office de Tourisme where you can find out more about the area. You can also hire bikes from a shop in the square. Laguepie is also known as ‘The town of two rivers’ as it is where the Viaur meets the Aveyron river. It is most famous for its chestnut festival in October and its medieval castle that borders the departments of 'Tarn and Garonne' and the 'Aveyron'.

Laguepie website

Tarn (81)

Cordes-sur-ciel (16 km from St. Dalmaze)

Cordes cliff-top position has earned it the nickname ‘Cordes-sur-ciel’ (Cordes on the sky) and it is one of the most beautiful villages in the region. It is a typical Bastide founded in 1222. Its easily defended narrow gateways and well-preserved market place are claimed to be one of the first to be laid out. Many artists have settled here and you can pass their working studios as you saunter up the steep cobbled street to the top (or alternatively you can take a little train).

Cordes-sur-ciel website

Monesties (17 Km from St. Dalmaze)

The quaint, peaceful village of Monesties is part of the ‘Villages De France’ and is steeped in history, with its famous Lices (walks that cover the length of the former moats and ramparts).

Monesties website

Albi (35km from St. Dalmaze)

The beautiful city of Albi nicknamed ‘The city of red bricks’ comfortably sits on the banks of the river Tarn and is world famous for its architectural and cultural treasures. The enormous Sainte-Cecile Cathedral (13th -16th centuries) dominating the skyline of Albi with its impressive red brick exterior and its unforgettable interior has made this monument one-of-a-kind.

Albi hosts a number of exquisite shops, boutiques and restaurants and is also the home of the famous ‘Toulouse-Lautrec’ museum boasting a remarkable collection of over 600 pieces of his works. Because of its overall charm, beauty and the many things to do and see, Albi is a day out not to be missed.

Albi website

Gaillac (40 km from St. Dalmaze)

Gaillac is a bustling, traditional wine making French town that has a spectacular drive from St. Dalmaze through the different vineyards that has made Gaillac famous. Here you can experience wine tasting at it’s best everyday of the week instead of waiting until August for the famous wine festival.

Gaillac website

Puycelci (45km from St. Dalmaze)

The fortress of Puycelci is a fine example of a fortified village. Built on a high plateau overlooking the Vere Valley and the immense and famous Forest De Gresigne (the largest oak woodland in South West France) it is one of a string of original medieval villages.

Puycelci website

Tarn et Garonne (82)

St. Antonin Noble Val (28km from St. Dalmaze)
St Antonin Noble Val

St. Antonin lies between the Aveyron and Bonette river beneath the spectacular white cliffs of the ‘Roche D’Anglars and on the edge of the dramatic Gorges D’Aveyron. Its impressive position has earned it the title ‘Nobillis Vallis’ – Noble Valley. St. Antonin has the oldest Townhall in France, built in 1125 which is now a museum showing a collection of local prehistoric artefacts.

St Antonin Nobel Val website

Penne (38km from St. Dalmaze)

This extremely charming medieval village clings to the slopes of the promontory among wooded hills overlooking the lush banks of the river Aveyron. Penne, with its rows of unspoilt ancient houses is positioned below a ruined castle that could be mistaken as part of the cliff.

Penne website

Bruniquel (46km from St. Dalmaze)

On the 100 metre high cliff overlooking the Aveyron river ‘The Tower of Brunehaut’ which gave its name to the village of Bruniquel below. With its well-preserved 13th, 14th and 16th Century houses and the 12th, 13th and 17th century Chateau which has been classified as an historic monument in 1840, Bruniquel has become one of the many villages in this area that has earned the Villages De France title.

Bruniquel website


Aveyron (12)


Najac (14km from St. Dalmaze)

Instantly recognisable, Najac is perched high on a narrow promontory overlooking the dramatic gorges of the Aveyron. Najac is an elongated village dominated by a ruined fortress, which counts among the masterpieces of medieval military architecture. Najac and its proud ruined castle stand among striking oak surroundings.

Najac website

Wildlife, nature and birds

Whatever your choice of activity, places to visit or your style of holiday you cannot escape the fact that you are surrounded by unspoilt nature, wildlife and birds. All hours of the day and night you will hear beautiful birdsong and if you are lucky you will hear and see the rare Golden Oriels that nest at the bottom of our garden. If you are an avid bird watcher it is worth bringing your binoculars.

There are at least four species of wild orchid in the surrounding areas and fields of different, intriguing wild flowers, depending on what time of year you come.

The diverse surrounding woodland means that there is an abundance of wildlife from slow salamanders, lively lizards, wild pigs, deer, pine martins and much, much more!



We are perfectly located for rambling and exploring as there are over 50 well-marked routes in the ‘Tarn’ and the ‘Aveyron,’ which is so close-by has been claimed to be one of the best areas in the region for walking. Whatever your level there are walks to suit your needs, whether it’s a relaxing stroll through shady woodland or a challenging gorge walk – you will be filled with joy of the wanders of wild, unspoilt, diverse landscapes. There are plenty of maps to help you in the gite. Or alternatively, you can hire a local guide who can give you the added insight to some of the hidden gems in the area.

Walking in the Tarn Averyon region website


Sauntering down one of the rivers in the area is a great way to see the landscape from a different perspective. From any of the many companies in St. Antonin you can hire boats and go on a 3-4 hour adventure through the stunning ‘Gorges D’Aveyron’ below magnificent cliffs. The damns and rapids are not difficult so all levels and ages are welcome.



Near Monesties (just 17 kms from St. Dalmaze) there is ‘La Roucarie’ Lake with sandy beaches. Here you can have a go at sailing, or simply go swimming and hang out!


There are so many beautiful and relaxing places to go swimming along the banks of the Viaur and the Aveyron. One in particular being the famous, beautiful hillside village of ‘Garde De Viaur’ is only 6km away from St. Dalmaze – where there are perfect picnic spots and safe entrances into the cool, clean water.

From here you can take the stunning 3km track which follows the river to a rock climbing venue ‘Roc Du Gorb’ situated on a sandy river bank. There are many places along the way to stop for a picnic and enjoy the river life.

Cycling/mountain biking

There are many well-marked VTT (mountain bike) and touring trails leaving from Laguepie. You can hire bikes from an organisation in St. Antonin and even  participate in organised tours.


Rock Climbing

As avid rock climbers ourselves we know how good the cliffs that dominate the ‘Gorges D’Aveyron’ are. Whether it’s your first time or you are very experienced – you will be impressed. We can either point you in the right direction – or you can contact one of the many ourdoor adventure companies near St. Antonin.


Horse riding

No matter what your experience is, this is a fantastic way to see the diverse and ever changing landscapes of this area. There are many places that offer this service - it just depends where you want to start from. There is a riding school in Puycelsi and a company in St. Antonin that are worth checking out.


Quad biking (10 km from St. Dalmaze)

At ‘Le Segur’ there is an excellent centre with lots of different trails for all levels. Lessons are given if required.


Cap’ Decouverte – Carmaux (25 kms from St. Dalmaze)

Cap Decouverte is a new 1,600 acres outdoor leisure centre with something for everyone! Waterskiing, tobogganing, funfair, museums, music and much, much more!

Cap' Decouverte Website

There are many leaflets, brochures and maps in the gite that can help you decide where to go and what to do.