Photo Gallery


This pond and its surroundings is a quiet place to chill out in the shade and watch the insect and bird life.



An inviting path leading to wooded walks and secluded areas of the gardens.

A large flat area of the surrounding garden to hang out in or play ball games.

We are surrounded by wonderful establised oak and chestnut trees.





There's wonderful swimming spots all along the river 'Viaur'


There's swimming spots at Laguepie, shallow and deep - with picnic benches, a children's play area and a pontoon to dive off.

Le Garde Viaur - a great swimming spot and beautiful village to explore - with a fantastic restaurant by the river La Chataignerie - where they often have live music.


There is the perfect swimming spot just a 10 minute walk away.


View of the Viaur Valley from a local walk - a great place to watch the sunset.

A local walk along the river to Roc Du Gorb.












There's also swimming, picnic areas, rock climbing and a via ferrata at Roc Du Gorb.



Aerial view of La Châtaigne complex on the left with the organic farm behind and St Dalmaze hamlet on the right.

La Châtaigne complex in mid-October.